Welcome to Taverna del Lupo

Founded in 1968 from an idea of Rodolfo Mencarelli and his wife Lisetta, for the last 50 years has been offering an elegant and comfortable environment. Over time it has become an internationally renowned restaurant, winning the prestigious “5 Stars Diamonds Award” in 1998.

Today, Taverna del Lupo continues to be the flagship of Mencarelli Group and has managed to carve out a place for itself in the Olympus of fine Italian cuisine thanks to its constant commitment and the very high quality of the food it has always offered its diners, prepared with the finest local ingredients.

Love for tradition and imagination meet halfway, in a skilful game of reinterpretations and transpositions of typical local recipes.


Let yourself be carried away by our chefs’ knowledge of raw materials

We are in love with our territory and that is why for over 50 years we have been studying and selecting the best it has to offer. High-quality products such as truffles and meat are skilfully processed thanks to knowledge and tradition handed down from generation to generation. All this is the Taverna del Lupo



La Taverna del Lupo is part of the Mencarelli Group large family: with years of tradition and experience in catering and hospitality. Breathtaking locations, professional service and great attention to detail are Mencarelli Group’s key elements.