For more than half a century La Taverna del Lupo has been a point of reference in Gubbio’s restaurant scene.

Located in the historic centre of Gubbio, in a medieval building dating back to the 12th century. A location that will instantly allow you to breathe the true essence of Gubbio, the “City of Stone”.
Founded in 1968 from an idea of Rodolfo Mencarelli and his wife Lisetta, for over half a century it has been the stronghold of good cuisine in the city and one of the best places in the region. A restaurant whose hallmarks are tradition, elegance and attention to detail.

Our Cuisine

The Taverna del Lupo has always represented good Umbrian cuisine revisited in a modern key. The skilful hands of the chefs, prepare dishes that represent at best the flavours of traditional Umbrian cuisine whilst revisiting each dish with taste, elegance and creativity and always by following the philosophy of the founder Rodolfo Mencarelli, the best student of infamous Angelo Paracucchi.

Among the most popular specialities are the soft egg with truffles and pumpkin Tortelli with amaretti biscuits, as well as a traditional Eugubina dish: Brustengo, accompanied by the famous Prosciutto di Norcia.

The use of superb local raw materials combined with the continuous research of our chefs will entice your palate and bring your dining experience at La Taverna del Lupo a memorable one. In addition to the quality of its dishes, the Taverna is expertly managed by Viviana Mencarelli, daughter of the founder Rodolfo; her warm and lively welcome combined with timeless professionalism will immediately make you feel at home.


Unione Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo

The story of the Buon Ricordo Restaurants is a long one of excellence. Founded in 1964 by Dino Villani with the aim of bringing prestige and notoriety to the various local establishments that make the Italian gastronomic tradition their strong point.

Those who joined the Unione del Buon Ricordo were happy to undertake the practice of serving typical local cuisine. The idea was to keep a special and local dish on the menu all year round, a speciality” that was to be its best representation and quality.

During the many years that La Taverna del Lupo has been part of the Union of the Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo, it has served three different specialities of the Eugubina territory:

This pork fillet speciality is prepared with typical Umbrian ingredients, starting with the indigenous red onion and moving on to the Sagrantino sauce, the king among the wines of the Umbrian hills.

These ingredients mixed in harmony with local spices and herbs make this dish a ‘unicum’ of regional cuisine.

The guinea fowl is a bird that is halfway between the white meat of the turkey and the red meat of the pheasant. In this recipe, the guinea fowl breast is used and flavoured with light notes of juniper, cubes of bacon and local spices. A unique dish for its simplicity and the quality of its ingredients.

Add some potatoes, fennel, salt, pepper and garlic to the whole rabbit. Leave everything to gain flavour in a container with oil. Then start to cook and when half cooked remove it from the heat, fill the already salted rabbit meat with the same ingredients that were used for seasoning at the beginning of the cooking process.

Put the rabbit, thus prepared, into a pan and let it cook on a low flame for three hours, adding half a glass of white wine.


La Taverna del Lupo is part of the Mencarelli Group large family: with years of tradition and experience in catering and hospitality. Breathtaking locations, professional service and great attention to detail are Mencarelli Group’s key elements.